A list of current entries to the Australasian Rogaining Championships 2019 and Roving 15 (non championship) events follow (updated every 5 minutes). Click column headings to sort the table.

Team Members Categories SubEvent
1Emily Panietz (Tas), Rob Dilger (Tas)X24 Hour Champs
2Diana Cossar-Burgess (Tas), Sebastian Burgess (Tas)XSV24 Hour Champs
3Martin Etherington (ACT), Trevor Merrifield (NZ)MSV24 Hour Champs
4Andrew Smith (NSW), Toni Bachvarova (NSW)XV24 Hour Champs
5Merv Trease (Vic), Vic Sedunary (Vic)MUV24 Hour Champs
6Anne Kennedy (NZ), Peter Squires (NZ), Bill Kennedy (NZ)XUV24 Hour Champs
7Jon Potter (NT), Chris Baldwin (Tas)MUV24 Hour Champs
8Ken Mclean (Tas), Prue McLean (Vic)XV24 Hour Champs
9Marg Cook (NSW), Rob Cook (NSW), Martin Dearnley (NSW)XSV24 Hour Champs
10Janelle Schafer (Qld), Michael Schafer (Qld)XSV24 Hour Champs
11Sue Berger (NT), Michael Dunbar (NT)XV24 Hour Champs
12Lesa Muir (Vic), Tomie Pfeiffer (Vic)WV24 Hour Champs
13Robyn Tuft (Tas), Susan Kurrle (NSW)WUV24 Hour Champs
14Melody de Laat (Qld), Allan Bourke (Qld)XV24 Hour Champs
15John Anderson (NSW), Ted Woodley (NSW)MUV24 Hour Champs
16Paula Holmberg (Vic), Gabby McMillan (Vic)WV15 Hour Roving
17Craig Williams (Vic), Annette Grime (Vic)XV15 Hour Roving
18Julie Quinn (ACT), David Baldwin (ACT)XV24 Hour Champs
19Benjamin Armstrong (Tas), Jared Parry (Tas)M24 Hour Champs
20Joschka Hilsenstein (Vic), Madeleine Schultz (Vic)X24 Hour Champs
21Volker Hilsenstein (Vic), Annika Hilsenstein (Vic)X,F15 Hour Roving
22Darryl Smith (Tas), David Cole (Tas)MSV24 Hour Champs
23Edward Plummer (WA), Richard Matthews (WA)MV24 Hour Champs
24Jean Douglass (ACT), Ron Simpson (ACT)XUV24 Hour Champs
25Jon Smith (NT), Mike Broadbent (SA)MSV24 Hour Champs
26Soohyun Kim (South Korea), Isabell Bastian (Germany), Vichithra Mendis (Sri Lanka), Fiona Potter (SA)X24 Hour Champs
27Adrian Beard (Tas), Matt Wilson (Tas)MV24 Hour Champs
28Robert Tucker (SA), Peter Milnes (SA)MUV24 Hour Champs
29Meisha Austin (Tas), Michael Cooper (Tas)XV24 Hour Champs
30Ellise Roper (NSW), Henry Williams (NSW)X24 Hour Champs
31Wayne Chettle (SA), Greg McCloud (SA)MSV24 Hour Champs
32Christopher Marney (Vic), Hannah Chong (Vic)XV24 Hour Champs
33Nikita Stiberc (Tas), Thomas Hawthorne (Tas)X24 Hour Champs
34Bob Montgomery (NSW), Pam Montgomery (NSW)XUV24 Hour Champs
35Karen Wild-Allen (Tas), Rachel Allen (Tas)W24 Hour Champs
36Sandra Thomas (NSW), Phillip Harding (NSW)XV24 Hour Champs
37Ariadna Marczak (WA), David Brosztl (WA)XV24 Hour Champs
38Dave Collins (Qld), Mark Murray (Qld)MV24 Hour Champs
39Russell Stringer (Qld), Gary Sutherland (Qld), Christine Perry (Qld)XV24 Hour Champs
40Michael Phillips (Tas), Garry Wood (Tas)MV24 Hour Champs
41Jane Cameron (Vic), Miranda Milne (Vic)WSV24 Hour Champs
42Kris Clauson (Tas), Katie clauson (Tas), Ella Clauson (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
43Adam Power (Qld), Paul Maxwell (Qld)MV24 Hour Champs
44Sarah Goyen (Vic), Miranda Brookes (Vic)W24 Hour Champs
45Phil Sargent (Tas), Toni Spinks (Tas)XV24 Hour Champs
46Carey Barlow (NSW), Kevin Humphries (SA)XV24 Hour Champs
47Christine Brown (Tas), Karen Pedley (Tas)WSV24 Hour Champs
48David Williams (NSW), Ronnie Taib (NSW)M24 Hour Champs
49James Laver (Tas), Barbara Tassell (Tas)XUV24 Hour Champs
50Andrew Johnston (Vic), Stuart Capel (Vic)MV24 Hour Champs
51Carlos Vega Vallejo (NSW), Eirik Hidle (Norway), Guillaume Laudou (France), Annie Almutairi (NSW)X24 Hour Champs
52Nigel Moore (NSW), Lisa Scott-irving (NSW), Natasha Moore (NSW)X24 Hour Champs
53Salome Hussein (NSW), James Millar (NSW), James Carr (NSW), Susan So (NSW), Adam Black (NSW)X24 Hour Champs
54Tristan White (NSW), Mike Hotchkis (NSW)M24 Hour Champs
55Daniel Lucas (WA), Tegan Case (WA)X24 Hour Champs
56Andy Macqueen (NSW), Ian Brown (NSW)MSV24 Hour Champs
57Mandy McIntyre (Tas), David Rees (Tas), Jacqui Guy (Tas), Michael McIntyre (Tas), Carolyn Davis (Tas)XV24 Hour Champs
58Andrea Schiwy (Tas), Judy Davis (Tas)WSV15 Hour Roving
59Carlin White (Tas), Zoe White (Tas)X24 Hour Champs
60Janet Hancock (Tas), Sue Hancock (Tas)WV24 Hour Champs
61Gill Fowler (NSW), Joanna Sinclair (Tas)W24 Hour Champs
62Ray Scaddan (Vic), Lee Brown (Vic)MSV24 Hour Champs
63Daniel Panek (Tas), Nic Fitzgerald (Tas)MV24 Hour Champs
64Liam Loubser (Tas), Lisa Loubser (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
65Craig Colwell (SA), Evelyn Colwell (SA), Jo Powell (SA)XV24 Hour Champs
66Sue Clarke (Qld), Walter Kelemen (Qld)XUV24 Hour Champs
67Leah Gustafson (Qld), Trev Peduzie (Qld)X24 Hour Champs
68Robyn Chapman (Tas), Adele Winslow (Tas)WUV15 Hour Roving
69James Down (Tas), Karen Cole (Tas)XV24 Hour Champs
70John Gavens (Vic), Heather Leslie (Vic), Alan Cooke (Vic)XSV15 Hour Roving
71Al Sankauskas (SA), Zita Sankauskas (SA)XUV15 Hour Roving
72Thorlene Egerton (Vic), Janet Musker (WA)WV24 Hour Champs
73Nigel Hough (Qld), Leela Hancox (Qld)X24 Hour Champs
74Richard Robinson (Qld), Tamsin Barnes (Qld)XV24 Hour Champs
75Ian Cameron (NSW), David Lyle (NSW)MSV24 Hour Champs
76Doug Gillott (SA), Andrew Denyer (SA)MSV24 Hour Champs
77Greg Hawthorne (Tas), David Marshall (Tas)MUV24 Hour Champs
78Paul Williams (WA), David Symons (WA)MV24 Hour Champs
79Alison Roush (SA), Mark Bateup (SA)X24 Hour Champs
80David Loveridge (Tas), Marjorie Morgan (Tas)X24 Hour Champs
81Paul Guard (Qld), Tony Scott (Qld)MV24 Hour Champs
82Kieren Blake (Tas), Archie Blake (Tas)M15 Hour Roving
83Hilary Cane (Tas), Anne Motson (Tas)WSV24 Hour Champs
84Ashley Van Essen (Tas), Toby Van Essen (Tas), James Van Essen (Tas)M,F15 Hour Roving
85Ashley Carr (Tas), Georgina Carr (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
86Ben Cirulis (NSW), Shelley Bambrook (Vic)X24 Hour Champs
87Jennifer Kelly (WA), Duncan Ellis (WA)X24 Hour Champs
88Richard Sage (NSW), Nihal Danis (NSW), Dom Pitot (NSW)XSV24 Hour Champs
89Jackson Jolly (Tas), Tom Brazier (ACT), Emily Rowbotham (ACT)X24 Hour Champs
90Joel Mackay (NSW), Andrew Black (NSW)MV24 Hour Champs
91Liz Canning (Tas), Dot Steane (Tas)WV24 Hour Champs
92Roger Harlow (Tas), Mary Harlow (Tas)XUV15 Hour Roving
93Jonathan Sutcliffe (Vic), Andrew Baker (Vic)MV24 Hour Champs
94Bernadette Dornom (Vic), Alison McLachlan (NSW), Hugh Stodart (NSW)X24 Hour Champs
95Franco Lombardi (Vic), Ken Madill (Vic), Peter Brooks (Vic)MSV24 Hour Champs
96Rod Gray (Vic), Geoff Lawford (Vic), David Rowlands (Vic)MSV24 Hour Champs
97Andre Morkel (WA), Tim Sikma (NZ)MV24 Hour Champs
98Ian Parker (Tas), Brent Ranson (Tas)MV24 Hour Champs
99Bert Elson (Tas), Paul Hoopman (SA)MUV24 Hour Champs
100Shane Anderson (Tas), Alicson Anderson (Tas)XV15 Hour Roving
101Matthew Wardell (Tas), Gillian Richards (Tas)XV15 Hour Roving
102Clare Hawthorne (Tas), Belinda Allison (ACT), Tracy Bluett (NSW)WV24 Hour Champs
103Russell Venn (Tas), Craig Gardner (Tas), Patrick Jones (Tas)M15 Hour Roving
104Cathy McComb (Tas), Jonathan McComb (Tas)XV24 Hour Champs
105Zali McComb (Tas), Jett McComb (Tas)X2324 Hour Champs
106Lynne Davies (Tas), Lucy Davies (Tas), Edward Hill (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
107Jessica Mincham (Tas), Joshua Iles (Tas), Lucy Hawthorne (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
108Kim Carroll (Tas), Sean Carroll (Tas)X24 Hour Champs
109Chris Vinall (SA), Christine Place (SA), John Brugman (SA)X15 Hour Roving
110Ian Herbert (Vic), Derek Morris (Vic)MUV24 Hour Champs
111Arielle Fontaine (WA), Tony Scalzo (WA)X24 Hour Champs
112Melissa Grant (NSW), Penny Field (NSW)WSV15 Hour Roving
113Anthony Stoner (Tas), Niko Stoner (Tas)M15 Hour Roving
114Allan Hood (Tas), Paul Liggins (Tas)MV24 Hour Champs
115Josh Rowlands (Tas), Aran Barnes (Tas), Steve Postle (Tas)M24 Hour Champs
116Jackson McCutchen (Tas), Kym Donaldson (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
117Martin Bicevskis (Tas), Elizabeth Bicevskis (Tas)XUV15 Hour Roving
118Pete Richardson (NSW), Tanya Clark (NSW), Rebecca Richardson (Tas), Sarah Calabro (Tas), Tom Garven (Tas)X15 Hour Roving
119Duncan Sinclair (Tas), Leah Sinclair (Tas), Matilda Sinclair (Tas)X,F15 Hour Roving
120Steven Hanley (ACT), Bridgette Watts (Tas), Arthur Watts (Tas)X24 Hour Champs