Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

The “weetapoona wander” is now all done, to the great satisfaction of both participants and organisers. Judging by the feedback received everyone seemed delighted with the scenery and the course. The warm thanks received by the organisers (Peter & Robyn Tuft) justify the efforts needed to hold the event.

Events like this can’t be run without the support of a large crew of volunteers who do everything from negotiating with landowners to setting the course to running admin to cleaning up the hash house after it’s all over. Rogaining Tasmania is immensely grateful to all of them.

RT is also grateful to the landowners involved in the event. Particularly to Murrayfield Station and the Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation for access to their beautiful property but also to other private land owners/managers: Leigh Davis, Dianne Veda, Deb Clarke, Leigh Blackwell, Peter Schwartz & Richard Clarke.

12 h first overall: John McComb and Ian Parker (pictured)
6 h first overall: Joe Dickinson and Oskar Bucirde

Full results are available at[0]=30. You can see the checkpoint sequence on the map of every team at There were some punch failures so if you see any odd legs that skip checkpoints that may be the reason.

 Photos from the event including category winners can be viewed at