Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

Ben, Charlotte and I set and vetted the Lindisfun metrogaine. We tried to set a fun course that had something for everyone: a challenge for the people wanting to push themselves with lots of controls, big hills, and some hard to reach places requiring interesting planning decisions. "To Meehan or not To Meehan" was an important question for competitors planning longer routes, and control 63 proved a challenging find for a few groups. The sunny eastern shore offered plenty for families - fun riding and walking along the foreshore with plenty of opportunity for bakery and ice-cream stops on what ended up a gloriously warm spring day.

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It’s great to explore new areas and get in the details of areas you might already know, but I always feel a bit odd trying to find unique things about people’s houses. It can feel a bit like sanctioned stalking when you're wandering the streets peering into people’s yards looking for a unique control! I was questioned by one homeowner, but I explained what rogaining was and why I was looking so intently at her fence. She seemed happy that her house was included in the event.

It was great to have Simon Allen do the mapping and provide support. Having run the previous couple of rogaines on the eastern shore, his insights gave us direction when we unsure what to do. The ever-present Gary Carroll was invaluable with hints, tips and event management. 

It was an interesting to experience everything that goes on to get one of these events off the ground, and the opportunities to help out in so many ways. While we did the setting and vetting there were so many people helping in the lead up and on the day. It’s a team sport when you are competing but it’s totally a team effort to run an event :)

Images of the event can be found here and full results and winners’ route here.

By Dave Loveridge and the team