Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

Veteran winner Darryl Smith sent in the following report:-


"Grant and I had a great time out there. The weather turned out to be perfect and the tracks were in pretty good shape. It was great to see so many people out there having fun. We had a plan to get the lot. We quite liked the plan, but had no Plan B. Consequently we did not use our last panicked time well. Mostly things worked out OK. I did the dibbing, and Grant worked out the route.

We overshot a few controls (235, 205); just missed seeing them. We went up a wrong track after 70. Our biggest hassles were stuffing around on some unmarked tracks near 33 and spending time on the track to the west of 222. We also lost a bit of time finding some of the junctions (35, 205, 217 and 210). Our route to 201 was a late change of mind, and not such a good idea. Missing 234 was not intended, but we were starting to run out of time by then. We probably should be a bit more careful at key points next time!

The overall winners Marc Gluskie and Tom Goddard did a great job. They went close to getting the lot. Many thanks to Mark Hey and his team for a great map and an excellent course. I hope to see lots of you at the forthcoming MTBO events."

Darryl and Grant's route can be seen here (1 MB) :- Darryl & Grants Route

Marc and Tom's winning route can be seen here (1 MB):- Marc & Toms Route

Many thanks to the event organisers Mike Gluskie, Jeff Dunn and Mark Hey. As well, other volunteers who helped with timing and control collection. Also Ride Bellerive for contributing spot prizes.

Photos below are from Jeff Dunn and Mark Hey.