2020 AGM

President’s Report – 2020 AGM.

It has been an unusual year for Rogaining Tasmania. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on us all. We are fortunate to live in Tasmania, and there has been minimal impact on our lifestyle so far. COVID-19 has impacted on our calendar of events and delayed the organisation of a major bush event. Some other Australian states have not fared so well, and many state rogaining associations have had to cancel major events and the last moment.

When restrictions were eased, we ran the 2020 Vision Metrogaine held on the 29th of August. This 4-hour event attracted a bumper crowd of 240 entrants. Organisers were Gary Carroll, Ciara Smart and Kristin Raw.

We are grateful to Simon Allen and his team including Karen Wild-Allen and Meisha Austin for organising today’s event - the Hit and Miss Metrogaine which has attracted 170 entrants, made up of about 40 teams on foot, and 30 teams on bikes.

Many people make RT events possible in a huge range of often specialist jobs. In particular I’d like to offer my gratitude to:

  • Vice President Peter Tuft for enthusiastically taking on a wide range of tasks. More importantly he is someone I can talk to about the issues of the day, and whose experience
    and opinion is valued.
  • Vice President Robyn Tuft for quickly and ably taking on the responsibility of guiding RT through the sometimes rapidly changing COVID-Safe requirements.
  • The event setters – Kristin Raw, Ciara Smart, Simon Allen, Meisha Austin and Karen-Wild Allen.
  • Bernard Walker and John Dawson for their work on on-line entries, the web site and newsletter distribution.

In 2021 we are looking forward to a “proper” rogaine on North Bruny Island in late February, and we are planning a Metrogaine starting from Lenah Valley most likely in August. Our ability to run more events is of course dependent on getting volunteers.

The existing committee members are happy to remain at their posts. Successful associations have a steady turnover of committee members so we’d welcome anyone interested in joining us.

On behalf of all entrants, I’d like to thank all volunteers who contributed to events or the running of Rogaining Tasmania.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me survive my fourth year as RT President - especially my tolerant family.

Gary Carroll

President, Rogaining Tasmania

29th November 2020

Financial Statement and Report 2019-20
President’s Report – 2020 AGM
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