Sunday 16th February 2020
10 am start from John Doggett Park in West Hobart


Rogaining is a strategy sport for everyone, conducted on foot in teams of two to five people. Using a purpose-made map marked with check points of differing points values, the aim is to devise a route to visit as many locations as possible and correctly answer the related clue to gather points, all within a set time limit.


This is a pleasant event with an energetic emphasis on participation, houses, history, art, and some oddities around parts of North Hobart and West Hobart. The course area is bounded roughly by Letitia Street, Wilson Street, Mt Stuart Road, Landsdowne Crescent and Patrick Street, with a few ups and downs in the terrain.

Grab a friend or go with the family. Explore historic Battery Point and Upper Sandy Bay in this 4 hour metrogaine. A deluge of clues will involve the names, build dates and occupants of HOUSES, the nineteenth century HISTORY of Hobart Town and the modern mainly sculptural (H)ART in public places.

P1000139med P1000141med
(H)art ... What is the name of the artist
who created this sculpture?
History ... How much did it cost to build
this little cottage?


All teams start at 10 am and should finish before the 2:15 pm deadline. Scores are determined by the total point value of the questions answered minus any late penalties. Watch out - there are big penalties for getting back late.

Catering will not be provided. Everyone has to make a minimum 15-minute lunch stop - choose your own café or perhaps a stall at the markets!

More details can be found and on-line entries are now open at [Link removed].

Entries close on Monday night 23rd July. And if you have any queries contact Mark Hey ().

Event results are available here

Saturday 17 August – come along for a four-hour foot or bike rogaine set exclusively on the Derwent’s sunny Eastern Shore and up into the Meehan Range. With the Hash House in the Sea Scout Hall behind the Clarence Aquatic centre the event will allow you to explore the delightful beaches and suburbs of the sunnier side of the river and the trails of its ranges and parks.

IMG 0813sml

Go hard and grab some vertical or go soft and grab something chilled (or hot) as you pass through the Bellerive waterfront. The choice – as they say in real estate land – is yours. Whichever path you choose you will be sure to find a scenic lookout or two from which to look across the Derwent at the large and snowy (well, maybe) kunanyi. You may very well find yourselves travelling in the footsteps of Darwin or sitting on a cannon in an historic Napoleonic-era fort. You will undoubtedly view plants described in Sir Joseph Hooker’s Flora Tasmaniae (1855).

Your domain will stretch from Howrah in the south to Lindisfarne in the north and west. New mapping will allow you to explore the tracks and trails of the Meehan Range as far to the east as Stringy Bark Gully. What will you discover?

Event results are now available here and see the event write up here.

Rogaining Tasmania is running a 6 and 12 hour rogaine on Maria Island National Park on Saturday 19 November 2016.


Maria Island is a very scenic National Park off the south-east coast of Tasmania, with beautiful beaches, rocky mountains, abundant wildlife and a rich history.

Maria Aerial Shot


Maria Cliffs

Painted Cliffs

It is accessed by a half hour ferry trip from the small town of Triabunna. The island is in the shape of a figure eight, with two mountainous islands joined by a narrow isthmus. It is 20km in length, and 13km across at its widest. There are a number of 4WD and walking tracks on the island, but no vehicles, permanent inhabitants or shops.

Maria Map

The abundant wildlife is a big part of what makes Maria Island special. On a rogaine you will be certain to see Forester kangaroos, wombats, Bennetts wallabies, pademelons, and Cape Barren geese, and very likely to see a Tasmanian devil. Devils have been recently introduced to the island, with great success.

Tas Devil


Cape Barron Goose


Maria Island also has an interesting history – including Aboriginal visitors, two periods of convict settlement, agriculture, vineyards, and a cement works.


The ferry arrives at the World Heritage listed settlement of Darlington on the northern end of the island. Darlington has many intact buildings as well as ruins from the convict and industrial periods. The Hash House is in the Mess Hall – once used to feed 400 convicts. Bunk-room accommodation is available in the Penitentiary, built in 1830 to house the convicts.


Pleasant camping near the beach is also available.

A 1:33,333 topographic map has been specially prepared for this event. Serious rogainers note that the island is not the perfect location from a rogaining point of view, as the hash-house in Darlington is at the far north of the map, much of the eastern and southern parts of the island are too steep and scrubby to access, and several areas and routes cannot be used due to restrictions required by NPWS in order to conserve the natural heritage of the island. Thus the route planning challenge will not be as great as usual. Instead of a random scatter of controls, locations have been chosen to draw runners to the many and varied scenic places of the island (some rarely visited), and with surprisingly easy travel if heed is paid to vegetation mapping. Despite often using tracks, solid navigation and smart route choice will be rewarded. A small orienteering-style map of the Darlington area has also been created, and in addition to the usual widely-spaced rogaining checkpoints, there will be a number of low-value checkpoints at historic sites in the Darlington area, to encourage visits to these sites, and provide more interest for family teams. The island was last used for a rogaine in 1993.

12 hour or 6 hour?

We encourage all participants to consider entering the 12 hour event, and come back early if you don’t want to be out in the dark. It won’t get dark enough to require a torch until about 9pm. Unfortunately moonrise is not until 12:01am (Sorry, "Maria by Moonlight" was true until we had to change the date to avoid clashing with Triple Top and Point to Pinnacle). Everyone has to stay the night, so you might as well be out exploring the island, and you’ll see more wildlife at dusk.



The event has now sold out.

Due to the extra complication of getting on and off the island, the number of participants for this event is restricted to 120, and you will need to enter early to secure a bed in the Penitentiary or a berth on your preferred ferry crossing.

Cost to enter is the same for both events: $70 for adults, $60 for concession holders, $50 for juniors and $175 for families.

To qualify for the concession rate a competitor must be a full time student, 18 years or older, or the holder of a Centrelink pensioner concession card.  A family team consists of up to two adult parents or guardians together with at least one other family member under 18 years old.  If a family is spread over two teams, pay for two teams and contact the organisers for a refund after the event.  A team that has a member under fourteen years of age must also have a member eighteen years of age or over.   

The ferry costs $42 for adults and $32 for children aged 1 to 12 years.  A bed in the Penitentiary costs $15 per adut or $7.50 per child.  Camping is $7 per adult, $2.50 per child.  If you don't have a National Park pass it costs an additional $6 per person.  All these fees can be paid via the entry system.

Entries have closed as the event has now booked out.  One person can enter and pay for a whole team, but they will need to know the Date of Birth for each team member.  It is OK to enter seperately as an individuals if you know your team name.


Date Time What
Friday 18 Nov 3:30pm Scheduled ferry departs Triabunna
  5:30pm Charter ferry departs Triabunna
Saturday 19 Nov  8:30am  Charter ferry departs Triabunna
  10:00am  12 hour map provided
  10:30am  Scheduled ferry departs Triabunna
  11:30am  6 hour map provided 
  12:00pm  Start 12 hour 
  1:00pm  Start 6 hour 
  6:00pm  Hash House (HH) opens 
  7:00pm  6 hour finished 
  12:00am  12 hour finishes 
 Sunday 20 Nov 1:30am  HH closes 
  7:00am HH opens 
  9:30am  HH closes 
    Charter ferry departs Darlington
  11:30am  Scheduled ferry departs Darlington (FULLY BOOKED) 
  4:30pm Schedule ferry departs Darlington

Event information for competitors


December 1st saw competitors head to the Bangor farm to revisit an area previously used in 1998 & 2003 to compete in either the 24 hour, roving 15-hour event and 6-hour events.

The course saw those entered taking in scenic soaring coastal cliffs, beaches, historic monuments, broad acre paddocks, the occasional burnt out Hyundai Excel, and if they got your timing right, a cheeky stop for oysters and coffee.  The link to the event results is below.

Cliffs  Cows 

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