Sunday 24 March, 2013


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Virginstow is a network of roads, tracks and paths north of Parramatta Creek, just south of Sassafras and towards Devonport in northern Tasmania.

Course area is mainly plantation forest, with some native bush. The terrain is gentle to undulating and surfaces are smooth to rough, but it is suitable for both experienced and less experienced riders and walkers. There is a choice of a two or four hour event, either on bike or on foot. This is the first Rogaining Tasmania MTBNav event in northern Tasmania.

The event is a Team Rogaine for two to five people where participants devise their own route to visit as many controls on the map and thus collect as many points as possible in the time available. Teams need to be fully self sufficient with food and drinks, and carry first aid gear. Very good bike riding and walking are available in what is a very extensive plantation area.

While walkers may traverse the bush in this event, riders may only ride on formed roads, tracks and paths. Being a bush venue, a little riding or walking experience helps, however, less experienced participants can still enjoy the event by sticking to terrain with which they are comfortable. Start of the four hour is 10.30am and start of the two hour is 12.00 noon. Sportident electronic timing from Orienteering Tasmania will be used. Light refreshments will be provided from about 1.30pm with presentations at around 2.45pm.

Normally with an MTBNav, maps are available ninety minutes before start time to allow for route planning, however, for this event, on Thursday 21/3/13 the map as a pdf will be sent to each email address provided with the entries, wherever the person lives. This will enable everyone to route plan at home, and will facilitate travel time to the event. It means that participants can arrive at assembly closer to start time and be ready to begin. High quality printed copies of the map will still be available at assembly.


Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 20/3/13 and can only be submitted and paid for through the online EntryHUB system.

Cost is $35 per person, or $25 per person for a full time student aged 25 years or under, and includes the light refreshments afterwards. Children aged 10 years and under are free. A $10 deposit per Team for one e-Stick per Team for use with the Sportident timing system, that is refunded at the finish when the e-Stick is returned, applies to entrants without an existing e-Stick.

There are no late entries nor enter-on-the-day for this event. Enquiries may be directed to Mathew Patten on 6344 1567 or 0409 919 234, or at matt_dan1(at)