Sandford Hall, Sunday 5 June 2016

(3 Hour option also available)

This event has been run.  Event results available here.

The 2016 Sandfrd MTBNav and FootNav-Bush event is for participants on either mountain bike or on foot.  The event offers the choice of five or three hours duration.

It is a Team event for two to five people where participants devise their own route to visit as many controls on the map and thus collect as many points as possible in the time available. Navigation is generally simple with course planning playing a greater part in the results.

The course area covers the roads, tracks and reserves in the Acton/Sandford area south-east of Hobart extending from Seven Mile Beach in the north to the South Arm Neck in the south and from Ralphs Bay in the west to Frederick Henry Bay in the east. A feature is the extensive Tangara Trail network.

Teams need to be self sufficient with food and drinks (although Lauderdale does offer coffee and cake if you go that way), and carry first aid gear. Because of extensive private property, the area offers limited route choice especially for walkers, and thus walkers are encouraged to give the bike a go. Riders may only ride on formed roads, tracks and paths, whilst walkers can go wherever access is legitimate. If you like mountain bike riding or extended walks, the event offers a different way for you to enjoy being out and about.

Assembly, start and finish are at the Sandford Hall on the South Arm Highway, 3.4kms south of the canal at Lauderdale.

  • 5 hour event: Maps available 8.30am, Start at 10.00am, Finish at 3.00pm
  • 3 hour event: Maps available 10.00am, Start at 11.30am, Finish at 2.30pm

There will be a compulsory briefing 15 minutes before the start of each event.

Light refreshments will be provided at assembly from about 2.00pm, with presentations at around 3.30pm.

Each control features a question to be answered from the multiple choices on the answer sheet. Controls have different point values between 10 and 90. Devising a route that is within the capabilities of the Team while maximising points collection is part of the challenge.

Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 1 June 2016 and can only be submitted and paid for online through webscorer.

Cost is $35 per person, $30 per person for pension card holders or full time students (aged 25 years or under) and $80 for a family.  Entry includes light refreshments afterwards.

There are no late entries nor enter-on-the-day for this event.

Enquiries may be directed to Brendan Hey at or on 62439637 (H).