Sunday 17th November 2013


This even is still in the planning stage, but likely to be a 2 or 4 hour rogaine on bike or on foot, utilising some newly mapped areas around the Acton area between the Tasman Highway, Seven Mile Beach and Lauderdale.

This will be a MTBNav to match all capabilities. It is a Team Rogaine for two to five people where participants devise their own route to visit as many controls on the map and thus collect as many points as possible in the time available. This MTBNav is very suitable for less experienced riders wanting to try Mountain Bike Orienteering as the terrain gives relatively straight forward riding while retaining an offroad feel. Much of the riding is on bitumen roads and flowing dirt tracks and paths, many quite flat and with some hillier sections. A team that finds the riding or walking too tiring may concentrate more on traversing the flatter areas.

Teams need to be fully self sufficient with food and drinks, and carry first aid gear. Bike riders are encouraged to wear a jacket or vest on the outside that is light in colour and easily visible to vehicle drivers. Because of extensive private property, Sandford offers limited, but still enjoyable route choice for walkers, and thus walkers are encouraged to give the bike a go. Riders may only ride on formed roads, tracks and paths, whilst walkers can go wherever access is legitimate. In support of the aim to maximise off-road riding in an MTBNav event, where the Tangara Trail parallels the bitumen road, riders will be required to ride on the path and the road will be deemed out-of-bounds.



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