Bangor 3 - Return of the Oysters

Bangor 3 - Return of the Oysters

Rogaining Tasmania invites you to participate in either a 6 hour, Roving 15 hour or 24 hour event to be held on Saturday 1st to Sunday the 2nd December 2018. The 24 hour event is the State Championship. The competition area includes the Bangor Property, some forestry land to the south and a small section of the Tasman National Park. This event has a strong emphasis on being family friendly with enough controls near the HH to appeal to the treasure hunting nature of little ones.

The Bangor Property is a stunning 6000 hectare farming property located on the Forestier Peninsula with over 35 km of coastline and 5100 hectares of native forest. These forests are home to some of Tasmania’s most treasured species such as Wedge-Tail Eagles, Wombats, Sea Eagles and Tassie Devils.

Aboriginal middens can be found on the beaches of Bangor. The first record of Europeans dates from Abel Tasman’s visit in 1642. Small signs of whaling and convict heritage still exist on the property detailing a rich and varied history.

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The Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed is open from 10 am to 5 pm and is located in the North-West corner of the course, well worth bringing coffee and cake money!

The property is owned and managed by the Dunbabin family, and has been in the family since the 1800s. We would like to thank Matt and Vanessa Dunbabin for their generosity in allowing us to use the property, and Andrew Dunbabin for his time, knowledge and humour.

Setters and Vetters are Lex Bull, Jane Boucher, Mark Hey, Basil van Reit, Robyn and Peter Tuft.

Please ensure all your team members read the Event Details document below, in addition to the Setters’ Notes to be provided at event registration.

Entry has now closed.

Enter on-line at the Rogaining Tasmania web page . Entries close at 11:59pm on the night of Tuesday 27th of November 2018. The close of entries is very close to the event date and we will NOT be accepting late entries.

Entry fees: Roving-15 and 24 hour: Adult $90; Concession $75; Under 18 $65; Family $190; Under 10s are free. 6 hour: Adult: $75; Concession $60; Under 18 $50; Family $160; Under 10s are free

Extra meals for 6 hour entrants:

  • Sunday breakfast $10
  • Sunday lunch $10

Refunds: If you wish to withdraw your entry please do so by the close of entries. No refunds will be provided after this date.

In the roving 15-hour event you can compete for up to a total of 15 hours within the period noon on Saturday to 11am on Sunday. Do you like to sleep at night? Do you want to try a little bit of night navigation? Do you want to walk for a while on Saturday, have a break and then do a bit more on Sunday? Then this is your category.

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The event organisers will review and possibly contact teams with competitors under 14 years old to ensure their safety.

The entry fee covers:

  • A pre-marked map printed on waterproof paper and control descriptions for each entrant.
  • Camping on Friday and Saturday night.
  • An evening meal Saturday night, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

6 hour entrants will need to pay extra for the Sunday meals.

The gender categories are women, men or mixed. The age categories are:

  • Open - everyone
  • Youth – all team members are under 23
  • Veteran – all team members are 40 and over
  • Super Veteran - all team members are 55 and over
  • Ultra Veteran – all team Members are 65 and over

The Hash House (campsite) is located in an open grassy area relatively central to the course. To get there from Hobart, travel south on the Arthur Highway towards Port Arthur. From the Dunalley Bridge travel South for a further 7.5 km then turn left onto the Bangor Property just after Wellards Bridge, on the outskirts of Murdunna. From the highway, follow the rogaine signs for 3.6 km. The farm road is good gravel and suitable for all vehicles, caravans and campers.

There is a large grassy area suitable for camping, which will be available Friday and Saturday night. Portaloos will be available. Water will be provided at the Hash House but please bring your water bottles filled. Event start/finish and administration will be at this location.

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  • A plastic bag or waterproof covering material for your map - although the map will be printed on waterproof paper
  • Your initial water supply
  • Your own plate, bowl, drinking and eating utensils. These will not be provided at the Hash House. Dish washing facilities will be available
  • A chair and table might be useful
  • Planning tools such as map distance measurer (eg string) and marking pens


  • Water carrying capacity of at least 2 litres each. Water purification tablets are recommended in case emergency water needs to be sourced from rivers or water holes.
  • Food
  • A wristwatch to wear. Consider that your usual watch or phone may be in the GPS tamper-proof bag.
  • A torch, preferably a head-torch with fresh and spare batteries. This will be required even if you are entering the 6 hour category as you may become lost or delayed.
  • Comfortable and lightweight walking clothes, and a hat suitable for the range of temperatures likely to be experienced during the event. Be prepared for heat, cold and wet conditions. Anything can happen in Tasmania in 24 hours!
  • Due to patches of dense vegetation and for snake-protection we recommend long sleeves, trousers and gaiters.

Each individual participant is required to carry the following equipment at all times:

  • A whistle.
  • A compass.

Each team is required to carry the following equipment at all times:

  • A first aid kit, which must contain a crepe or elastic bandage suitable for immobilising a limb as recommended in treating a snake bite as detailed below.
  • A pencil, and spares, for filling in intention sheets at checkpoints and recording codes from failed NavLight punches.

If you have never competed in a rogaine before please advise the organisers when you register.
Novice instruction will be available from 9:00am at the registration desk.


Fri 30 November 2018
4:00 pm onwards – Camping available at the Hash House

Sat 1 December
9:00 am - Registration Opens. NavLight bands, maps and novice instruction available
11:45 am - Compulsory briefing
12:00 pm - Start of 6hr, 12hr and Roving 15 hr events
5:00 pm - Hash House opens
6:00 pm - Start of late-penalty period for 6 hour entrants
6:30 pm - 6 hr event finishers are LATE and receive no score

Sunday 2 December
11:00 am Start of late-penalty period for Roving 15 hour entrants
11:30 am - Roving 15 hr event finishers are LATE and receive no score

12:00 pm - Start of late-penalty period for 24 hour entrants
12:30 pm - 24 hr event finishers are LATE and receive no score

Note - Roving 15 hr late penalties will be based on their accumulated time and final finish time.

Sunset 8:30 pm Saturday; Moonrise 2:51 am Sunday; Sunrise 5:24 am Sunday.

One team member must report to the registration desk to collect:

  • The team’s maps (1 per person)
  • Control descriptions sheets (1 per person)
  • NavLight wristbands and tags (2 per team)
  • GPS tamper-proof bags (as required)
  • Emergency Contact, Medical and Route Plan Form (1 per team)

Course Setter’s notes. These provide some more detail about the terrain and specific matters regarding the course or the map

Plan your course and then present your Emergency Contact, Medical and Route Plan Form to registration. All team members must also present to the Administration desk, with NavLight tags on their wrists, to activate their tags. Your controls visited may not be recorded if this does not occur.

A compulsory briefing will take place 15 minutes before the start.

Watches may be synchronised to the event clock which will be visible at the Administration desk.

The NavLight electronic scoring system will be used. This is a simple system where a pen-like punch on the checkpoint is used to touch a tag that is strapped to your wrist with an unbreakable band. All team members that have a NavLight wristband must “punch” at every checkpoint visited.

If a NavLight punch or checkpoint is missing report this when you finish. If the punch is malfunctioning, as shown by there being no flash when it touches the tag on your wrist, then record the 3-letter code on the punch as evidence you have visited the checkpoint.

It is vital that you report into admin when you return and depart the hash house area so admin can track your accumulated time on the course. Failure to do so will result in your time accumulating as being on the course when you are actually sleeping or eating at the hash house.

When you finish, report to the administration staff.  Your entire team must finish together as a finish time will be only be recorded when all members are present. Your results will then be processed and a printout showing the checkpoints you have been credited with, and your score, will be made available for you to check.  The penalty for finishing late is 10 points per minute or part minute after the appropriate finish time.

If you are more than 30 minutes late your team will be LATE and receive no score. If you think you will be more than 30 minutes late and are carrying a phone please call or text the emergency number on your map.

If you return to the hash house during the event, even if you intend going out to collect more checkpoints, you must report to administration and register your tag with a finish punch. Register your tag with a start punch if you go out on the course again.

The map scale will be 1:40,000 (1km is 2.5cm on the map) on a single page. The map size will be 31 x 42 cm, which is slightly larger than A3. The contour interval is 10 metres. The map is marked with magnetic north lines at 1 km intervals. The paper is waterproof but you may wish to protect it by "contact" adhesive or a plastic map bag, which must be provided by competitors.

Water drops will be provided on the course in five locations. No cups will be provided, the water drops are for competitors to refill their own water bottles or bladders.

The roads accessing the water drops will be patrolled every four hours and will be marked on the map.

Rogaining competition rules prohibit the use of navigational aids such as pedometers, altimeters and GPS receivers including smart phones.  However, these may be carried if navigation information on the devices cannot be accessed on the course.  An opaque, tamper-proof plastic bag will be available from the registration desk.  Your GPS (or phone) must be bagged before you start, and must be made available for inspection when you finish. If the bag has been unsealed then your team will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition.

If your only watch is GPS-enabled then you should buy or borrow another wristwatch for rogaine events.

Rogaining involves some risk and the following points are important to read and understand so that this risk can be minimised. Rogaining is a team sport and it is compulsory that your team stays together AT ALL TIMES. Many risks are mitigated by this step alone.

The organisers will cancel the rogaine if a significant fire starts on the course prior to the event or if they judge that the weather conditions are such that there is a significant risk of a fire occurring during the weekend. Every effort will be made to contact competitors if a cancellation is necessary.

Emergency Contact, Medical and Route Plan Forms
Teams will be required to supply the following information on a form that will be provided at registration:

  • Team number and names of members.
  • Car number plate (if applicable).
  • The name and contact details of a person to contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Your mobile phone number if one is carried on the course.
  • Details of any allergies or medical conditions.
  • A list, in order, of the checkpoints the team intends to visit.

This form must be completed and handed to the registration desk prior to the start of the compulsory briefing.

Intention Sheets
Every checkpoint has an "intention sheet" taped to it. You must carry a pencil (and spares) and record your team number, time at the checkpoint and next intended checkpoint.

Phone Contact
There is patchy Telstra phone coverage throughout the area. This is best on hills tops with poor or no coverage lower down. Coverage deteriorates the closer you are to Murdunna (south west of map). It is highly recommended that you take a phone with you on your course. This must be placed in a tamper-proof bag available for the registration desk and only used in emergency. An emergency phone number will be printed on your map. If you cannot make contact using a voice call please try to send a txt message.

Exposure to Sun
Sunburn is a serious problem in Tasmania. Competitors are advised to protect themselves by covering up, wearing a hat and using an effective sunscreen cream.

In Case of Injury
Stay calm, apply first aid. For non-life threatening issues, attempt phone contact to the Hash House using the phone number on your map. Make your way to a patrolled road if possible. These are shown on the map. If the injury is serious ring the Emergency Services direct on 000 and ask them to go to the Hash House.

If you do not have phone contact use your judgment on the best way to proceed. In no circumstances move far from an unconscious or seriously injured team mate. Use your whistle to try to attract the attention of another team. If you hear a whistle you must make every effort to find the source.

You may carry a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) if you have one, but activate it only if you are in a life-threatening situation when other means of contacting organisers have failed.

Snake Bite
All Tasmanian snakes are venomous, but fortunately they are not aggressive and occurrences of people being bitten by them are extremely rare. If you are bitten by a snake, immobilise the limb by applying a firm crepe or elastic bandage, both above and below the bite, and sit still.

A copy of the Australian Rogaining Association Competition Rules is available for download from

Here is an outline of some of the important ones:

  • No fires are to be lit anywhere on the course. A camp fire may be provided at the HH subject to landowner permission.
  • Competitors shall not discard litter or smoke on the course.
  • Competitors shall not cross newly sown ground or growing crops, except if specifically permitted by the organisers, or any area deemed out-of-bounds by the organisers and shall keep a reasonable distance from dwellings and stock with young.
  • The possession of other navigational aids, including pedometers, altimeters and GPS receivers on the course is prohibited except when event organisers provide a means by which information on the devices cannot be accessed whilst on the course.
  • Communications devices such as mobile phones may be carried for safety purposes when event organisers provide a means by which the devices cannot be accessed whilst on the course. Use of a phone whilst on the course is prohibited.
  • Members of a team shall remain within unaided verbal contact of one another at all times whilst on the course. A team shall demonstrate compliance with this requirement to any event official or other team on request.
  • All team members shall simultaneously approach to within 20 metres, and within sight, of each checkpoint for which points are claimed.

If you are looking for a rogaining partner, or would like to share transport, post a message on the Rogaining Tasmania Facebook page,

For additional information about the event email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Lex Bull 0414209609 or Jane Boucher 0409735544.

Event Properties

Event Date 01-12-2018
Registration Start Date 30-09-2018
Cut off date 27-11-2018
Individual Price Roving-15 and 24 hour: Adult $90; Concession $75; Under 18 $65; Family $190; Under 10s are free. 6 hour: Adult: $75; Concession $60; Under 18 $50; Family $160; Under 10s are free.
Location Bangor Property entrance


We are no longer accepting registration for this event