Houses, History and (H)art

Houses, History and (H)art

This is a Rogaine with a difference … its aim is for participants to get outdoors and have fun while learning more about the houses, history and art around historic Battery Point and Upper Sandy Bay area.  The event  has a saturation of controls, a variety of route choice, and the time to stop and relax.

 (H)art ... What is the name of the artist who created this sculpture?

(H)art ... What is the name of the artist who created this sculpture?

The course area includes the lower part of the University of Tasmania, and is then approximately bordered by Churchill Avenue, View Street, Proctors Road, Davey Street, Salamanca Place and the River Derwent.

The start and finish are on Marieville Esplanade in Sandy Bay near the Short Beach playground - opposite Mardsen St.

HOUSES will teach you more about Hobart Town through finding out the names people gave their houses, the dates they were built, and in some cases discover the name of a noted occupant.

HISTORY provides clues about the developments, lives and goings on in nineteenth century Hobart Town.

(H)ART is a more modern aspect which takes you to the many mainly sculptural works that are on public view across the course area.


Houses ... Where is this house?

This on-foot-only event is well suited to families and beginners, is in a location that is probably familiar, and the going is easy. Stroll around with time for a pie or a coffee, or run flat out and still miss visiting some checkpoints. Reading the map is akin to reading the street directory – street names are on the map. A compass is not required and woudn’t help.

Salamanca Market will be in full swing on the day of the event, and some checkpoints are located in that region.

You have an hour to plan a course, and four hours plus a 15 minute break to find your chosen checkpoints.

Make sure you finish by 2.15 pm. Ten points are deducted for every part minute late, and all points lost if more than thirty minutes late.


08.45 am Maps available: one per participant.
09.55 am A very brief briefing
10.00 am Start
12.00 pm to 1.00 pm Compulsory 15 minute lunch break.
2.15 pm Finish.
2.30 pm A few random draw prizes.

Novice instruction is available from 8.30 am for new Rogainers.

There is a unique provision that seeks to add relaxation to the day by allowing everyone to enjoy the many eating places around the course without the pressure to keep going. Please ensure you oblige …
… the event is a net four hours long. There is an obligatory, self managed stop of at least 15 minutes for the Team to enjoy a convivial lunch that must start and end between noon and 1 pm.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. being a very basic event, winner certificates and prizes have been dispensed with, as has catering given the many eateries on the course.
  2. the entry fees are $20 per adult, $10 for under eighteen, and no charge for children under ten.
  3. when you see the map you may think that more points are available about Battery Point, however, by devious design the fewer controls in Sandy Bay have higher points values, making both areas near equal.
  4. the map is one A3 sheet at 1:6000 and will need a document holder, plastic bag or other covering to keep it dry.
  5. there is a public toilet near the start, and others around the course as indicated on the map. Shop areas also display on the map.
  6. some answers might be found on the internet, but what is the point, so such falls outside the principles of the event.


There are a lot of clues … each Team will have one copy of the clues which for this event is eleven pages long and contains about 325 questions covering 240 clue locations for an overall 7,560 points! This a different style of event where the huge variety of clues and points values will bamboozle your senses and navigation and leave you with something of interest to learn about and do all along the way.

Bring one A4 clipboard for the clue sheet to provide a solid writing surface, preferably one that folds over to keep the papers dry – a plastic bag is a good idea too as insurance.

You will need a pencil to write the answers – biros are no good in the damp. Actual answers are required rather than it being multiple choice. Some answers you will need to look about to find. Correct spelling of names is mandatory to gain those points, especially house names. Have a pencil sharpener as there is quite a bit of writing.


History ... How much did it cost to build this little cottage?

Completed clue sheets will be collected at the end and the marking done later owing to the many clues. Results will be on the internet as soon as possible.

Enter online at the Rogaining Tasmania website by 11.59pm Monday 23/7/18.

For more info: Mark Hey on 6272 7233 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Event Properties

Event Date 28-07-2018
Registration Start Date 11-06-2018
Cut off date 23-07-2018
Individual Price $20 per adults, $10 for 10-18 yr olds, free <10.
We are no longer accepting registration for this event