Rogaining Tasmania Newsletter - September 2018

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Welcome to the September 2018 Rogaining Tasmania Newsletter.

Entries for RT’s Bangor 3 - Return of the Oysters are now open with 6 hour, roving-15 hour and 24 hour offerings.

This event is based at Bangor, a farm in the north of the Forestier Peninsula. By all accounts this is a stunning venue for a rogaine. The organisers have set a course that offers lots of controls close to the hash house which are ideal for family groups. More details are below.

Also in this newsletter are write-ups from the very succesful and enjoyable Houses, History and (H)art Metrogaine which was organised by Mark Hey and a summary of how the tassie contingent did at ARC2018.


Bangor 3 - Return of the Oysters

Rogaining Tasmania invites you to participate in either a 6 hour, Roving 15 hour or 24 hour event to be held on Saturday 1st to Sunday the 2nd December 2018. The 24 hour event is the State Championship. The competition area includes the Bangor Property, some forestry land to the south and a small section of the Tasman National Park. This event has a strong emphasis on being family friendly with enough controls near the HH to appeal to the treasure hunting nature of little ones.

The Bangor Property is a stunning 6000 hectare farming property located on the Forestier Peninsula with over 35 km of coastline and 5100 hectares of native forest. These forests are home to some of Tasmania’s most treasured species such as Wedge-Tail Eagles, Wombats, Sea Eagles and Tassie Devils.

Aboriginal middens can be found on the beaches of Bangor. The first record of Europeans dates from Abel Tasman’s visit in 1642. Small signs of whaling and convict heritage still exist on the property detailing a rich and varied history.

The Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed is open from 10 am to 5 pm and is located in the North-West corner of the course, well worth bringing coffee and cake money!

The property is owned and managed by the Dunbabin family, and has been in the family since the 1800s. We would like to thank Matt and Vanessa Dunbabin for their generosity in allowing us to use the property, and Andrew Dunbabin for his time, knowledge and humour.

Setters and Vetters are Lex Bull, Jane Boucher, Mark Hey, Basil van Reit, Robyn and Peter Tuft.

For full details visit the Bangor 3 - Return of the Oysters Entry Page.

ARC2018 Report

The 2018 Australasian Rogaining Champs were held at Manumbar in SE Qld on the 25th and 26th of August. Rogaining Tasmania was represented by a small team of enthusiasts.

Gary Carroll and Bernard Walker - pre-start
Gary Carroll and Bernard Walker - pre-start

Ciara Smart and Nic Pittman

Ciara Smart and Nic Pittman

Christine Brown and Karen Pedley – Back on the podium.

Christine Brown and Karen Pedley – Back on the podium.

 The event’s terrain was cattle grazing country, covered in sometimes long grass but the dreaded spear-grass seeds that are so often a problem in Qld were thankfully not to be found. The walking was easy going, the only obstacles being the numerous fences. The area was pretty dry – that was until the heavens opened around 2am and persisted for the remainder of the event, dumping nearly 20mm on the entrants.

The map was huge - 615mm x 725mm at 1:40,000. The majority of the map was hilly enough so a direct-line approach to controls was a bad idea. There was some steeper country that we avoided. Controls were widely spaced – averaging over 2km apart and as the water drops had no controls that meant for some long legs between getting points. The controls were fairly and accurately placed. These weren’t hard to find overall, although in the dark we had some minor issues and one extremely lucky find just as we were about to relocate.

Early results indicated that Tasmania had come equal second in the intestate challenge, but after some recalculations we came fourth, but that is still a commendable effort from the small team.

The Tasmanians were positioned:

  • Gary Carroll & Bernard Walker – 10th overall, 2nd Mens Vets and 1st Mens SuperVets.
  • Neil Hawthorne & Mike Hotchkis (NSW) – 31st overall.
  • Christine Brown & Karen Pedley - 34th overall, 3rd Womens, 2nd Women Vets and 1st Women SuperVets.
  • Nic Pittman & Ciara Smart – 41st overall.
  • Callum Thompson-Young & Rachel Allen – 53rd overall and 1st mixed under 23s.

 I encourage you to enter the Australasian Champs events regardless of your perception of your competitiveness. You get to experience varied kinds of terrain, and visit places you’d normally not be able to. You won’t have to go far for the next Australasian Champs, as 2019 is Rogaining Tasmania’s turn to host this event.

By Gary Carroll

Houses, History and (H)art Metrogaine Event Write Up

… a Metrogaine where everyone learned more about Hobart Town.

… by organiser Mark Hey …

After a wet day prior, it thankfully dawned blue skies on Saturday 28th July 2018 for a Metrogaine around Upper Sandy Bay and Battery Point where the clues were about the names of houses, the history of the area, and the accessible public art.

Home base was the hall of 10th Hobart Scouts in Marieville Esplanade where most of the 111 participants in 44 Teams could be seen sitting outside in the sun by the river on a still morning doing their route planning.

IMG 3795

An unusual aspect of the event was a self managed 15 minute obligatory break for all Teams to be taken between noon and 1 pm which would allow everyone to enjoy one of the many cafes on the course without the pressure to keep going. Jackman and McRoss Bakery in Hampden Road was favoured by a few Teams.

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