By Paul Liggins

The moral of the story: if you've just finished a hard run, gasping for breath and not thinking straight, and Gary Carroll approaches, walk away as fast as you possibly can.

And theyre off kunanyi kapers

When Gary asked if I was interested in helping with a rogaine, my oxygen-depleted brain thought (a) I've done about a dozen rogaines so (b)  its about time I did my bit and (c) its a long way off so there's plenty of time and anyway (d) how hard can it be?  Thus, somewhat rashly I said yes, immediately recognising my error when I saw the look of surprise in Gary's eyes.

Gary applied his skills of the dark arts and magically came up with a base map. I applied my special skill, procrastinating, leaving it to Easter to do map refinement and corrections.  Then two days before Easter I hurt my back and  spent all my allotted mapping and course setting time lying on the floor watching Fox Sports.

By Allan Hood

Tom, Mick and myself teamed up for the recent 6 hour rogaine, held in perfect - even warm ? - autumn weather. 

Overall winner Allan Hood collecting prize on behalf of his team kunanyi kapers

We had initially planned a clockwise loop going to Fern Tree first, but the lure of big points in Sandy Bay as well as faster terrain, prompted us to start with Mount Nelson and continue in a large anti-clockwise loop, giving lots of zig zag options back through the Waterworks and Ridgeway.

Our first hour netted a good 8 controls for 330 points, and just on 10km covered (downhill assisted!) as we made our way back onto Churchill Avenue.

Preparation for the Australasian Championships at St Helens / Binalong Bay is coming along very nicely.  All checkpoints have been taped and vetting is imminent. 

Those of us who have been on the course are delighted with the area and the map.  The contours (generated from LIDAR) show fine detail which allows precise navigation.  Even some individual large boulders show up as little knolls.  And much of the countryside is just beautiful, with areas of open forest and granite boulders, not to mention bits of Bay of Fires coastline.  We can’t promise there is no scrub but it is not extensive.  Even the hash house has water views.

See the website for more information, including arrangements for buses from Launceston and Hobart.  The website also has a course setters’ photo gallery that you really should look at. And we are on Facebook too.

Entries open from 1 July and if you enter before 1 August there is an early-bird discount.

One last thing:  It would be great to get more volunteers.  Do you have any non-competing friends or family who want to come along for a social weekend and lend a hand? There are a range of tasks available, depending on how much time you’re happy to contribute. Please contact

The 16th World Rogaining Championships will be taking place in the scenic Catalonian Pyrenees, Spain, on July 27th and 28th.

You can read up on the event, enter (until 15 July), look at the photos and eventually check on results at the English version of the website.

Teams at the event are required to carry a GPS device which will be used for on-line tracking during the event. So you can watch your computer screen during the event and follow the entrants’ progress as they compete, during what will be a steep and physically demanding event.

Good luck to all the Australians and in particular the Tasmanians involved - Chris Brown and Karen Pedley, as well as Neil Hawthorne who is competing with Graham Field (NSW). Andrew Smith and Antonia Bachvarova who were the winners of RT’s Bangor event last year have also entered.

The 2019 Australian Intervarsity Championships were held in May in conjunction with the ACT Championships near Merimbula NSW. Tasmania was represented by Sydney-based UTas students Ivan Koudashev and David King, and results are now published.

The 2020 Intervarsity Championship is likely to be held in conjunction with the Australasian Championships being held in South Australia, 9-10 May.  A subsidy will be available to cover the cost of transport for a University of Tasmania team to compete.  If you anticipate being a UTas student next year, you should be aware that applications for this subsidy will be called for early next year.  If we get more than one application, recent performance during a 24 hr event will be the main selection criterion.  The 2019 Australasian Championship to be held at St Helens in November will provide an ideal opportunity to obtain this experience.

David Hogg (ACT) has written an interesting history of the 50 years of intervarsity rogaining, going back to before the term rogaining was coined.