Honorary life membership is awarded for outstanding service to rogaining in Tasmania. Adele certainly ticks all the boxes.

Adele competed in her first rogaine in 1997, and she quickly became involved in event organisation and administration.

In 2001 she took on the task of Event Director for the Honeysuckle 24- and 8-hour rogaine. This was one of Rogaining Tasmania’s most successful events, mainly due to her team management skills, planning ability, and attention to detail. It was here that her landowner negotiation skills first came to the attention of the committee.

The Lindisfun 4-hour metrogaine has been run and won, although all the entrants were winners on the fun course in the ideal weather.

Congratulations to overall bike category winners Jeff Dunn and Ken McLean, and to the overall on-foot winners Hamish Lockett and Oskar Bucirde.

The results are on the web at https://www.rt.asn.au/event-results. Two hundred photos taken by Carey Barlow can be found here.

winners bike

Bike winners - Jeff Dunn and Ken McLean

winners foot

On-foot winners Hamish Lockett and Oskar Bucirde


By Peter & Robyn Tuft

To run more rogaines we need more people to run them, which means more people who can set a good course. So we organised a workshop for potential course setters on 10 October, feeling that we'd be pleased if a handful of people expressed interest. We were more than pleased when nine potential new setters turned up, together with old hands Gary Carroll, Bernard Walker, Sara Brain and Liz Canning. Having course-setting wisdom available from such a broad range of experience was a real bonus.

training med

Peter Tuft, sharing his considerable wisdom!

The location was our bush block near Kettering, which was ideal because it had a nice meeting room (our lounge room, although a bit of a squeeze for the crowd) and a very good map (very conveniently produced previously as a test of Lidar-based vegetation mapping). Most of what we covered was focussed on bush events because they are the most challenging to set well, but we also touched on metrogaines and (very briefly) some other aspects of event organisation (you do realise that there is a whole lot more to organising a rogaine than just setting the course?)

By Peter Tuft

The RT constitution is getting old and rusty and in several ways seems no longer fit for purpose.  The committee has been thinking about whether to either beat the existing document into better shape or take some other template and massage that to suit our needs.  However, those on the committee are frankly a bit out of our depth with some of the legal implications of the constitution.

Is there anyone out there in the rogaining community who has legal or other relevant experience and could offer some help with this?

Fun fact:  A survey of 800 participants in the 2016 World Champs near Alice Springs found that most rogainers have a STEM background.  That's broadly consistent with what we know of RT membership although there are some notable exceptions.  But it does make us wonder about our chances of finding someone to help with the request above.  If you can help, please don't be backward in coming forward.

October 2021

Promo image 24 smallResults for both events along with the 3 and 6 Hour winning routes are available HERE. Congratulations to Oskar Bucirde and Joseph Dickinson for collecting 50 checkpoints over 40kms to be first overall in the 6-hour. The 3-hour was a battle of the junior men, with Niko Stoner Jett McComb best on the day visiting 30 checkpoints over 23kms.

There are photos from the event at https://photos.app.goo.gl/FQviDt1MBRREDKPx9

Thanks to everyone for coming. 

Lucy, Gary,  Neil, Sue, Janet & the admin elves.