This was certainly the most successful event we have held in years.  It attracted many entries from the mainland and some from overseas.  Particular thanks are due to Gary Carroll, Matt Chamberlain, Bernard Walker and Sarah Brain for the many days they spent designing and setting the course.  Thanks also to the many others who helped with the event organisation too.  We were grateful for the help we received from competitors who helped collect controls on the Sunday after the event.

Both events were won by teams from the mainland.  David Baldwin and Julie Quinn from ACTRA won the 24hr event , Steve Loch and Polly Weston from WARA won the 8hr event.  Read an account of how they won kindly provided by Julie Quinn here.

David Julie 2

David Baldwin and Julie Quinn winners of the 24hr event

Some Tasmanian teams performed well: Luke Rapley and Kris Clauson came 3rd in the 24hr event, Kieren Blake, Bromwyn Kimber and Steve Lock came 2nd in the 8hr event.

This event was held last October.  The University of Tasmania was represented by Jess Fuller-Smith, Omar Martin-Gonzales and Charles Hooley.  They performed well, coming second in the event.  Read an account of their experience kindly provided by Jess here.

Jess Omar Charlie

Jess Fuller-Smith, Omar Martin-Gonzales and Charles Hooley after competing in the Australian Intervarsity Championship

Article by: Julie Quinn.

Julie Quinn and David Baldwin were the winners of the Ross Rummage Tasmanian State Champs

We decided to come to the Ross Rummage Rogaine because David had been to the 2003 Australian Championships here many years ago and enjoyed the area.  We were joined by the ACT Rogaining mascot, Barkley the Koala, who is by now a very experienced rogainer and photo bomber. We managed to get cheap flights to Launceston and were kindly put up by Christine and Paul for Friday and Sunday nights and also driven to and from the event. Fantastic hosts!

Barkley explains route

Article by: Jess Fuller-Smith

Omar, Charlie and I have recently returned from the Australasian Rogaining Championships (10-11 October 2015), where we were fortunate to receive Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation funding to represent the University of Tasmania in the Intervarsity component of this event.

Jess Fuller-Smith, Omar Martin-Gonzales and Charles Hooley after competing in the Australian Intervarsity Championship

Jess Fuller-Smith, Omar Martin-Gonzales and Charles Hooley

after competing in the Australian Intervarsity Championship

Having not competed together in an event like this before, we headed off to a night orienteering event near Hobart for some training. This was great in confirming that we would be alright if lost together in the bush at night, as we never quite found the first control but had a really good time all the same.

Given our limited team experience with night navigation we decided to plan for off track routes during the day and track routes during the night. This worked out really well, as we could keep up a good pace through the night.

At some point in the early morning we decided to have a short nap under a space blanket, assuming that we’d soon get cold and uncomfortable and then be on our way. Surprisingly, we discovered we could nap relatively comfortably huddled up in a space blanket cocoon, so our short nap lasted a couple of hours longer than anticipated.

With less than hour to go we had one final decision – finish a bit early or continue straight through the Hash House to a control past it for an extra 30 points. As it turned out getting this control was the right decision, as we beat another intervarsity team by 20 points to place second out of nine teams in the intervarsity competition. Overall we placed 41 out of 143 teams in the Australasian Championships.


The 2015 MTBNav-Bush was held at at Sandford on 1/3/15

Dry, fast paths and comfortable walking weather provided a base from which seventy two people enjoyed riding or walking the Sandford area in the latest MTBNav-Bush event held on 1st March 2015. Organisers Keith Carroll and Mark Hey had created a course using forty eight controls where participants needed to visit sites to find the right answer to a question given three options.

After four hours of traverse, in the Female Foot division the first two Teams arrived back at the Hash House with 510 points each. While the Team of Rosie Rutledge, Robyn Chapman and Adele Winslow focused mainly east and west from the Hash House and south of Rifle Range Road, that of Liz Canning and Dorothy Steane ventured into the maze of bike tracks on private property between Dixon Point Road and Dorans Road. Both Teams visited twelve controls. Well done ladies.

Most traveled Team in the event was that of Gordon Taylor, Paul Kleywegt, Jules Evans and Lester Dion in the Male Bike who in fours hours visited thirty nine controls at all points of the compass. Dorans Road was the main area they bypassed, along with a few controls in the Clifton Beach area. A very solid ride, and one that compares with the thirty three controls visited by second placed Team Jeff Dunn and Jemery Day. The next seven Teams in Male Bike also scored high points, indicating a high depth of capability.

Mixed Bike over four hours also provided a close finish with Sophie Marshall and James Hattam just 110 points ahead of Sally Wayte and Lindsay Pender.

While there were only two Teams in Female Bike, Karen Wild-Allen and Rachel Allen ended up just 150 points to the good of Nadine Rowell, Helen Burford and Nicole Carter.

In Male Foot, the youngsters Dexter Canning and Tarn Leith, assisted by Dexter’s dad Hugh, achieved a ninety point advantage over the mature Team of Ross Kelly, Ian Woolford and Rob Hunter. Running solo and unofficial in this category, Andrew Mackay once again displayed his running prowess by gaining almost twice the points of the leading Team.

In the two hour event, Graham Sargison and Renny Duckett in Male Bike and Diana Cossar-Burgess and Sebastian Burgess in Mixed Bike were the only entries, and both Teams enjoyed solid rides mainly in the area to the south west of the Hash House.

When it came to tallying the points, a gremlin was encountered in that an earlier version of the QnA had been printed inadvertently, meaning that the answer sheet contained four incorrect answers. Thus those questions were marked as incorrect when in fact they were correct. Presentations were based on the erroneous values, and made subject to later validation given there was not the time to redo the figures on the spot. Keith and I apologise to those affected, which mainly means Male Bike where there was a remix of the first seven placings.

In the end, the original Male Bike winners of Gordon Keith and Glenn Hyland moved to fourth, and the original runners-up of Gordon Taylor, Paul Kleywegt, Jules Evans and Lester Dion gained first place. Jemery Day and Jeff Dunn moved from fourth to third. Phil Tracey and Ewan McIvor remained third.

Mixed Bike were also affected by the corrected points tally in that third to fifth position finishers were rearranged. First and Second remained unchanged, as did the placings in all other categories.

At the conclusion of the event, a lovely afternoon tea was provided by Gayle West and the Orienteering Tasmania Juniors, and spot prizes were drawn being vouchers and merchandise provided by Ride Bellerive. Appreciation is also acknowledged to Andy Nuss and Jock Campbell for allowing access onto their respective properties.

Keith and I are pleased the event was enjoyed by all those who participated, and we encourage you to reuse the map, excluding private property, for future rides or walks in the Sandford area.

Event Results can be downloaded here.

Regards – Mark Hey 2/3/15