Event Postponement - The Midlands Muster

Event Postponement - The Midlands Muster


Rogaining Tasmania

Event Postponement - The Midlands Muster


Dear Rogainer,


Here is an update on the postponed Midlands Muster.


Event organisers and the RT committee looked carefully at delaying this event to early December or early February. There is no guarantee that the event course, and in particular the parking, camping and hash house areas would be dry by December. Current weather patterns and forecasts promise more rain, which are not conditions to give us confidence in the ground drying sufficiently. Holding the event in February potentially clashes with school holidays, but was also not possible as key personnel would be absent. The deer-shooting season then starts, after this it is Easter and after this the weather is cooler and the days shorter.


Therefore, we have opted to run the event late next year. The rescheduled event dates are tentatively October 28th and 29th which will be ideal for those who like to rogaine by moonlight. The current La Niña (wet) weather pattern is forecast to have ended by then.


For those who have paid an entry fee for the Midlands Muster, we will soon be returning full refunds so keep an eye on your credit card or PayPal account.


Thanks to the many rogainers who have sent us messages supporting the decision to postpone. We look forward to seeing you all at the Midlands Muster in 2023.

Gary Carroll (RT President)