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Tired of metrogaines in Hobart? Been there, done that? Then here is your big chance. Or perhaps you are from up north and have been looking for an opportunity to go rogaining closer to home. The GorgeUs Metrogaine will be held in Launceston, which last hosted an event in 2008. Starting from the Max Fry Memorial Hall in Trevallyn, you will have lots to explore, including the bushland trails of Trevallyn Reserve, Cataract Gorge, the CBD and river edge, and suburbia. You will experience beautiful vistas, visit historical sights, playgrounds, monkeys and fountains, and you will have the opportunity to stop and indulge at numerous cafes if you aren’t feeling too competitive.

Like most Rogaining Tasmania metrogaines, The GorgeUs is a question and answer-style event (for example, ‘what’s the name of the house at number 7?’ or ‘how many swings at the playground?’). Our crafty checkpoints will have you taking a second-glance at that house you’ve walked past a hundred times, stopping by one of countless coffee shops on the map, or marching your team up that hill for big points and better views. After the event, kick back at the hash house to see where other teams journeyed and enjoy some afternoon tea, which is provided as part of the entry fee.

This is a great event for rogainers new and old, those looking to hone their skills and improve their fitness, or those wanting a great day out exploring their own backyard. As a team, pick a route that maximises your score while minimising distance travelled (or elevation gained) depending on your strengths and passions. This event is strictly on foot (no bikes or scooters) but you can sprint or stroll to your heart’s content.

There will be help for newbies on the day.

The Metrogaine will be a 4-hour event, enabling Southern entrants to drive up and back in one day. Alternatively, make a weekend of it and warm up with a Saturday local orienteering event the day before. Details of the orienteering event are here.

Entries are now open on the RT events page. Regular-price entries close on Friday 28th of April

We look forward to seeing you at the GorgeUs Metrogaine!

The GorgeUs Team – David Cole, Andrea Schiwy and Paul Pacque.

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