Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

What is Rogaining?

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation.

It is closely related to orienteering and many people enjoy both sports.

The key features that distinguish rogaining are:

1. it is a team sport,

2. rogaines are much longer events, usually 6, 8, 12 or 24 hours,

3. teams choose their own route as there is no set course, and

4. the emphasis is on participation and having fun rather than competition. 

Teams of two to five members visit as many checkpoints as possible in twenty-four hours. Checkpoints are scored differently depending on level of difficulty in reaching them; therefore teams choose a strategy (for example, to visit many low score checkpoints). Teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest.

A central base camp known as a "hash house" provides hot meals throughout the event and teams may return at any time to eat, rest or sleep. Teams travel at their own pace and anyone from children to grandparents can experience the personal satisfaction that comes from cross-country navigation at their own level of competition and comfort. Team members stay within earshot of each other.

The normal length for a Rogaine is 24 hours, but shorter variations such as 6, 8, 12 and 15 hour events are also held (sometimes concurrently with a 24 hour event). Depending on the terrain, experienced rogaining teams can cover more than one hundred kilometers over the 24 hour period.
Rogaines are held in and around towns (metrogaines) as well as in the "bush". Some useful information about bush rogaines is available HERE.

Would you like to try rogaining in Tasmania, but don't know what is involved?

Firstly subscribe to get the newsletter using the subscribe option on this page. This will ensure you get event information and entry forms.

Then come along to any event. There are organisers designated to help newcomers get off on the right track.

The exact equipment requirements depend on the location and length of the rogaine and will always be listed in the event entry form

Remember, it is a team sport so the whole family can come along, Also you can spend as much or as little time actually on the course as you like. For example, in a 24 hour event, many teams spend the night camped at the Hash House.