Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

The 2019 Australian Intervarsity Championships were held in May in conjunction with the ACT Championships near Merimbula NSW. Tasmania was represented by Sydney-based UTas students Ivan Koudashev and David King, and results are now published.

The 2020 Intervarsity Championship is likely to be held in conjunction with the Australasian Championships being held in South Australia, 9-10 May.  A subsidy will be available to cover the cost of transport for a University of Tasmania team to compete.  If you anticipate being a UTas student next year, you should be aware that applications for this subsidy will be called for early next year.  If we get more than one application, recent performance during a 24 hr event will be the main selection criterion.  The 2019 Australasian Championship to be held at St Helens in November will provide an ideal opportunity to obtain this experience.

David Hogg (ACT) has written an interesting history of the 50 years of intervarsity rogaining, going back to before the term rogaining was coined.