Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

By Peter Tuft

The RT constitution is getting old and rusty and in several ways seems no longer fit for purpose.  The committee has been thinking about whether to either beat the existing document into better shape or take some other template and massage that to suit our needs.  However, those on the committee are frankly a bit out of our depth with some of the legal implications of the constitution.

Is there anyone out there in the rogaining community who has legal or other relevant experience and could offer some help with this?

Fun fact:  A survey of 800 participants in the 2016 World Champs near Alice Springs found that most rogainers have a STEM background.  That's broadly consistent with what we know of RT membership although there are some notable exceptions.  But it does make us wonder about our chances of finding someone to help with the request above.  If you can help, please don't be backward in coming forward.

October 2021