Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

IMG7419 Across the gully and over the range,
With a plunge through a creek for a cooling change;
Now over a log or a rock we leap,
O'er hill and on level our pace we keep.

From ‘The Muster’ by Emily Manning aka Australie 1845-1890

Heed the call to gather round, for the Midlands Muster is gunna be grand;
Mark your diaries for the last weekend in October - get your gear together and come on over.
Choose from a six hour errand, a roving 15 hour excursion, or take the all-nighter for a full 24 hour exploration.
Between Lake Leake and Ross there’s plenty to explore,
From the farm paddocks you'll find open forests, grassy meadows, green gullies, panoramic hills, and much much more.
Possums, Tasmanian devils, quolls, wedge-tailed eagles, forester kangaroos and pademelons will join your odyssey,
They'll watch over your checkpoint searches to ensure your honesty,
It’ll be a great night out for the lunar eclipse - just be in the right place to get your fix.
On return you’ll get a hearty meal and good cheer, and if you're organised, a nice cold beer!
Entries open in late August, so get your team together and start your training program in earnest...
Heed the call, the Midlands Muster is gunna be grand!


By Bass Burgess.