Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

Happy New Rogaining-Year.

The big event on the 2019 calendar, which I’m sure you are all training for, is the Australasian Championships which Rogaining Tasmania will be hosting on the weekend of 9-10 November. Planning is well underway for the Binalong Day And Night Rogaine. Bernard Walker has put in a huge effort to improve the base-map beyond what we get from government-supplied data. In particular, he has been examining aerial photography in fine-detail to get the tracks and varied vegetation correct as possible. His computer has been glowing red-hot from processing LiDAR data to generate accurate contours. Event Director Peter Tuft reports that some key volunteer positions are still vacant. We need people for hash house and campsite logistics, assistance with the catering at the All-Night Café (a second hash house), and an experienced first aid officer. Contact to assist.

We have a couple of other events in the pipeline but no date for these as yet. Paul Liggins is organising a Mt Wellington foothills metrogaine to be tentatively held in May, and we also plan to hold a metro Hobart foot and bike event in late August. These events need more setters, vetters and admin assistance. If we are to have these events, then we need you (yes, you) to help.

Thanks to Lex Bull, Jane Boucher and their team for the running Bangor 3 – The return of the Oysters. I’ve done a lot of rogaines all over Australia and some of the checkpoints at Bangor were amongst the most spectacularly-located that I’ve ever seen. Special mention also to Jeff Dunn and Nicole Carpenter who not only managed admin, three event durations and the idiosyncrasies of the Navlight electronic punching system but who had to contend with the blustery front that blew away or broke their shelters in the early-morning darkness. Thanks also to Darryn and Chris who ran the catering and who were also badly impacted by the rough weather. Further down in this newsletter you’ll find reports from Lex and the 24-hour State Champs winners.

Finally, a warm welcome to Kristin Raw who has joined the RT committee and will be handling newsletters and promotion. Kristin will welcome your stories and photos which can be sent to .

Gary Carroll (Rogaining Tasmania President)

February 2019