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4-Hour Bike and 4-Hour On Foot

By the Lindisfun team

Entries for the Lindisfun Metrogaine are open until Sunday night, the 21st of November. This is an event for those on bikes and those on their legs. Ranging from Howrah Beach in the south to Shag Bay in the north and venturing deep into the Meehan Range, this event has a bit of everything. For those looking for a casual day out there are quirky local sights a-plenty and a generous array of interesting checkpoints in an achievable radius. For those on bikes looking to destroy their legs and lungs, there are some far-flung and deviously placed checkpoints out on the technical trails of the Meehan Range/Geilston Bay mountain bike network.

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To answer some questions we’ve had from entrants:

  • E-bikes are not permitted at this event. There are some strong and opposing views on this matter, and the RT committee will be reviewing this policy for a future event.
  • If you enter the bike category you are required to stay with your bike at all times, unless safety or specific track markers requires you to temporarily leave your bike or when in the immediate vicinity of the control (roughly within 100m).

You must return to your bike between checkpoints, that is you cannot link up any checkpoints on foot.