Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

Come and join the gathering at The Midlands Muster for Tasmania’s next bush rogaining event on the first weekend in November. This event will be the first 24-hour rogaine in Tasmania since we hosted the Australian Championships at the Bay of Fires in 2019, and the first bush event since the weetapoona wander on Bruny Island in 2021. For budding rogainers who have only entered metrogaines so far, this event will be a great opportunity to test out your bush navigation skills. The organisers have catered for newcomers and there are plenty of checkpoints close to the hash house, as well as durations shorter than the demanding 24-hour category.

There will be a nice blend of country (see photos below) - from open rolling paddocks and native grassy meadows, through to open forested hills and into wet gullies via occasional historic bush huts and lots of wildlife. You will have nearly 200 square kms to explore over either 24 hours, Roving-15 hours (do as much as you like within a 23-hr period), or 6 hours. The event area extends from outside Ross almost to Lake Leake and encompasses some of the best fine wool growing land in the world. Fieldwork and mapping are nearly complete.

The event will challenge rogaining champions with plenty of distance, interesting navigation and ample hilly bits. It will also offer novice entrants an opportunity to practice their navigation skills in beautiful farmland and natural environments, and everyone in-between will find a great mix of terrain, vegetation and chances to spot unique Tasmanian wildlife.

Entries are now open a

Bass Burgess

Event Co-coordinator.