Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

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Category Codes

M Men
W Women
X Mixed
U23   Under 23: all team members must be under 23 years of age on the first day of competition
V Veteran: all team members must be 40 years of age or over on the first day of competition
SV Super Veteran: all team members must be 55 years of age or over on the first day of competition
UV Ultra Veteran: all team members must be 65 years of age or over on the first day of competition
F A family team includes a member under 14 and a member over 18 who are related to each other. The team may include other non-related members
N All team members are at their first rogaine


1Judy Clarke, Kristin YoungWSV6-hour
2Stephen Walker, Jenny WalkerXSV24 Hour Champs
3Sophie Hartmann, Klaas HartmannX24 Hour Champs
4Shane Anderson, Alicson Anderson, Paula McCulloch, Angela FranksXV15 Hour Roving
5Meisha Austin, Michael CooperXV24 Hour Champs
6Lisa Cutfield, Luke SimmonsXV24 Hour Champs
7Geoff Powell, Sandi PowellXV24 Hour Champs
8Adrian Beard, Kym Child XV24 Hour Champs
9Chris Schulz, Mim SchulzXV6-hour
10Jan Leverton, Shan McGrathWSV6-hour
11James Down, Karen ColeXV24 Hour Champs
12Bernard Walker, Sara BrainXSV24 Hour Champs
13Nic Fitzgerald, Dan PanekMV24 Hour Champs
14Basil van Riet, Phil CookMV24 Hour Champs
15Graham Sargison, Lindsay PenderMUV6-hour
16Michael Battaglia, Ron LevyMSV24 Hour Champs
17Christine Brown, Karen PedleyWSV24 Hour Champs
18Kim Carroll, Sean CarrollXF24 Hour Champs
19Annette Wilson, Thomas WilsonXFN6-hour
20Tony Wilson, Laura WilsonXFN6-hour
21Michael Loubser, Liam Loubser, Johan LoubserM24 Hour Champs
22Kate Crawford, Hazel Crawford, Holly Stewart, Eli Stewart XF6-hour
23Gary Sutherland, Clint Falla, Mark MurrayMV24 Hour Champs
24Antony Casimaty, Luca Casimaty, Russel Warman, Phoenix WarmanMF15 Hour Roving
25Alice Beeson, Adam Beeson X24 Hour Champs
26Sarah Calabro, Alfred Richardson, Justin Calabro, Travis CalabroXF6-hour
27Bert Elson, Louis ElsonM24 Hour Champs