Rogaining Tasmania Inc.

MuralThe SoHo Shuffle results are now available HERE, and some photos from the event and presentations are HERE.

It was a memorable event held in ideal, calm and mild autumn conditions. The course was excellent with loads of interesting checkpoint sites. Thanks to course setter Jack Marquis, and vetters Jaymee Knoll and Bridget White. The SoHo was the first event they’ve organised so well done to them.

In the 6-hr: Jon McComb and Ian Parker were clear winners visiting 48 checkpoints, travelling 42km with 1.7km of climb. The race for the mixed category was very tight. The top 3 mixed teams took overall positions 2nd to 4th and were separated by just 30 points. So close! Kris and Katie Clauson scraped ahead in the mixed, and also won the family category. Keeping it in the family, Imogen and Ella Clauson were 5th overall and first womens.

In the 3-hr: Frank Casimaty, Colin Berry and Steve Eastwood took out first overall and first mens, just ahead of first mixed James and Ainsley Scott. Veteran campaigners Jo Mitchell and Miriam Palmer came first womens.

Thanks to all involved, especially to those who answered the call to help with scoring and result processing at the end of the event.

Gary Carroll (RT President)